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How does it work?
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Some of the newer combines are different but they all operate basically the same. When ears of corn or cut grain enters the combine paddles on a chain (1) bring it up to the cylinder which is a large spinning cylinder covered with rough steel bars. There it is rubbed between itself and the concave(2). Most of the grain along with some chaff fall through the onto the front of the grain shoe augers(6) which take the material to the front of the chaffer. Anything that doesn't fall through the small holes in the concave, like cobs, are sent out the back of the cylinder where the beater(3) helps to throw them onto the straw walkers(4). The walkers move back and forth to shake any grain that might be left in the straw or stalks down where it falls onto the back of the shoe augers. The back shoe augers send this small material forward where it drops it on the front of the chaffer(7). The chaffer shakes back and forth while the fan blows air through it sending small, light pieces of stalk or cob out the back. Heavier material like grain fall through the chaffer onto the sieve. The clean grain that falls through the sieve is sent by an elevator into the grain tank on top of the combine. Anything that makes it through the chaffer but not the sieve is sent by another elevator back to the front of the combine where it goes through the whole process again.

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